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About Justin

Here’s my formal bio (written in the third person):

Justin Shiels has always been compelled by the power of words and pictures. He received his BFA in Graphic Design from Loyola University New Orleans and his Masters in Arts Administration from the University of New Orleans. He has over 9 years of experience in communications, marketing, and graphic design and has gained professional experience from EC Advertising as an Interactive Designer, Peter A. Mayer Advertising as a Graphic Designer, the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts as a Communications Specialist, and Faculty at Loyola University in the Communications Department.

He is passionate about creating compelling strategies, design, and content.


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10 Things You Should
Know about Me:

1. My passion has always been the cross-section of content creation, design, and education. I’m obsessed with making ideas happen and love the opportunity to flex multiple skills in a client job or personal project.

2. I love self-initiated projects. To date, I have started a variety of creative ventures including:

INVADE, a now defunct lifestyle magazine about the city of New Orleans

VenturePOP, the conference for Creative Entrepreneurs

Curious Tribe, a weekly email that spreads the good news

Curious Mail, a monthly subscription of illustrated art prints and cards I’ve created

3. I’m not (too) afraid of failure.  Most of the ventures I’ve tried have been more about the experience of creating something interesting over making millions of dollars. The downside, I guess is that I don’t have a million dollars (yet).

4. I am working to become a minimalist in the hopes of building a meaningful life that is not exclusively about the possessions I own.

5. I’m a voracious reader…of young adult fiction and hope to one day tell the coming of age story of a black gay teen with some sort of magical powers.

6. I taught at my alma mater, Loyola University, for a full academic year in the Communications Department. It was an incredible feeling to have the experience of learning and teaching in the same classroom.

7. I believe in fighting for work-life balance, and don’t mind working 6 days a week if that means I can have a shorter work day.

8. I grew up reading Archie comics and learned just about everything I know about illustration from mimicking their character design.

9. Even though I love being on stage to speak and genuinely love meeting new people, I need a lot of time to recharge after most social interactions. This usually includes long, unexpected naps, and laying in bed playing games on my cellphone.

10. Walking is my favorite form of transportation because you get to really see what’s happening around you.

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