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A friend casually asks, “How are you doing?”

Without hesitating, you blurt out: “Busy!”

It seems like these days we’ve all become a little too busy—slightly overwhelmed by the day-to-day struggle of paying bills, checking social media, and managing lives that are too often unnecessarily hectic.

Yes, we make our to-do lists and live and breathe by our gmail accounts, but so much of our life is reaction to interruption. We work long days and too often for too little pay.

With our noses this close to the grindstone, it’s easy to lose track of where all this hard work is taking us.

Your challenge for the day is to take five minutes and visualize where you will be five years from now.

Where will you live?

What will you be doing?

Who will be with you?

How will you feel?

Knowing where you’re going is the first step in getting there. 



PS: As a part of my big picture goal of illustrating at least 3 times a week, I have been exploring lots of new media. I added a new multipack of watercolor greeting cards to my Etsy Shop. This series includes birds, flowers, and zebras in a beautiful muted color palette.