My name is Justin Shiels and I am the founder of Curious Tribe. I am a cross disciplinary creative entrepreneur. My primary  job is running a boutique graphic and web design business, but my true passion is helping creative entrepreneurs make ideas happen. For 2 years, I cofounded and produced an annual conference for creative entrepreneurs in New Orleans called VenturePOP.

Building on that success, I’m developing an authentic community for creatives that interacts both digitally and in real life. My greatest joy is seeing that “Aha” moment when someone goes from dreaming to actually fulfilling that purpose.

This is more than just pretty pictures for me. I created Curious Tribe because I want to live in a world where creative people invest in their talents, recognize their strengths, and build meaningful businesses that have a sustainable revenue models.

I created Curious Tribe because too many communities on the internet are homogenous. I am passionate about the intersection of women and men of all ages and ethnicities collaborating and growing together. Diversity is a core tenant of my personal purpose and a cornerstone of the Curious Tribe community.

I created Curious Tribe because I want to amplify the reach of creative entrepreneurs. I want to watch as thousands of small businesses led by creative people flourish and succeed.


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