1. I make art about mental health because I want to encourage humans (but especially people of color and the lgbt community) to find the courage to seek therapy or counseling.

I want to be a small part in reframing ideas around seeking support because learning that I have anxiety helped me to better love and accept myself.

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2. I became a creative director because I watched Boomerang when I was 8 years old.

The cult classic is about a Black advertising agency and features a young Eddie Murphy. I wanted to be him when I grew up. Rewatching it as an adult I realized it’s pretty problematic, but I can also honestly say that it set me on my current life trajectory.

Representation truly matters.


3. I have big thick glasses that nobody sees but family and boo thang.

Recently I was at the optometrist and you bring in your glasses so they can polish them and tighten the screws. One of the ladies working there asks: “Do you wear these outside?”

I of course gave her a meaningful side eye, and replied: “No, only at home.”

I’m still waiting on the technology to catch up to my “special eyes.”


4. My favorite meal is fried catfish and macaroni.

My second favorite meal is salmon and broccoli. I intentionally refuse to learn how to fry catfish because I want it to remain a special occasion meal for me.


5. My favorite color is maroon or green or pink.

It depends on the day.