Local Lens Campaign



To celebrate the 300th anniversary of the city of New Orleans, my creative team at FSC Interactive developed a series that highlighted the hidden gems of New Orleans. We commissioned 5 local artists to share their #OneTimeinNOLA stories videos, social content, and blog posts.



With support from the Director of Social Media, I pitched the project to the client, outlined the strategy, defined the goals, and sourced the talent for the campaign.

We invited each artist to create original work for the campaign to be used on the city’s behalf. This included poetry, live performance, illustration, and hand lettered signs.

We planned and executed photo and video shoots featuring the talent. We translated these assets into a vibrant integrated campaign, including blog posts, social content, and social advertising. 


The campaign garnered 2.1M impressions, 36K engagements, and 155K video views. It was successful in building local and national awareness for small businesses and the artists featured.

The Local Lens campaign won Best in Show Social Media in the 2019 New Orleans Addy Awards. In addition, the video featuring Tarriona “Tank” Ball’s thoughtful poem won Best Social Media video.




I was responsible for creating and pitching the concept, organizing the talent, and planning the photo and video shoots. During the shoots I served as director with a talented production team. In addition, I managed the creative team that built the social assets, blog content, and advertising.